X Downloader for YouTube

Watch and download YouTube videos and music.


  • saves videos to mp4 format
  • extracts music from videos (as m4a)
  • it is tidy and clever
  • you can search videos on YouTube
  • you can play videos
  • it downloads YouTube videos very fast.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD X Downloader for YouTube

X Downloader for YouTube is a Windows app that makes it both comfortable and cool to dig through the endless source of videos that is YouTube and take the ones you like on your computer.

This small app not only saves videos from YouTube on your device at remarkable speed (assuming that you have a good internet connection) but also has the feature to extract just the audio file, which means you can grow your music collection limitlessly.

X Downloader for YouTube should only be used to download videos you own or have the copyright to. User takes all responsibility for this app usage; X Downloader for YouTube takes no responsibility for the users actions whilst using the app. If you are the copyright owner of any content shown on this app, and you did not authorize the use of the content, please contact us and provide URL of the content. We will block it ASAP.